Among the services we offer teachers, schools, and districts are:
GreenLIGHT PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT was formed after years of offering informal counsel and training teachers. We are experts in developing both curriculum and technology products for schools, and we have worked as teachers, volunteers, and board members at schools.


Teacher collaboration and development
We began by working with teachers who came to us asking for help in using whiteboards or various software. We want to work with teachers who want to work with us. We want to collaborate by helping teachers accomplish their instructional goals, not by pushing our own beliefs or ideas on them. We can help teachers perform simple troubleshooting for their devices and software and help them find digital resources to enrich their lessons and assignments. We provide school-year and summer PD courses for small groups as well as in-class observations of individual teachers to assess their strengths and recommend areas of growth. In addition to working with teachers, we also provide leadership courses that help school directors and administrators better support their teachers’ use of technology.


Technology strategy
We help school systems and teachers see how they might implement technology to improve instruction. We make recommendations based on the current technology in use in the school, as well as on the school or district’s future tech goals. These recommendations can help avoid purchasing costly tech tools and software that add little to the end goal of improving instruction or achievement. Strategic focus can also help districts align academic goals with technology goals and help make the best use of the scarce funding that is available.


Technology evaluation and purchasing
We can help districts purchase technology through a careful analysis of their individual requirements and goals. We have found that the judicious purchase of subscriptions, hardware, or apps can save schools large amounts of money per pupil. There is no shortage of ways to spend money on technology; the challenge is spending technology dollars as wisely as possible.


Technology compliance and management
We also help teachers, schools, and districts comply with copyright and licensing restrictions, as well as with grant or funding requirements. Deploying and updating software can become a technology manager’s full-time job, leaving little time for other important development needs.