Sample Projects
GreenLIGHT PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT has helped a number of clients through recommendations and training services.
2012 Distinctive Schools Chicago, IL
In 2012, our team trained the school directors and curriculum leaders of Distinctive Schools on the possible ways to utilize the new interactive whiteboards and iPads deployed in their five schools. School directors and curriculum leaders were introduced to the major software platforms of interactive whiteboards, the curriculum options available, and received a primer on ways to integrate iPads into instruction.
2013 Distinctive Schools Chicago, IL
In 2013, a team piloted an initiative at Prairie School in the West Pullman neighborhood of Chicago meant to support teachers who have technology available to them. The goal was to help teachers make better use of technology on a daily basis and to discover the issues that were preventing them from fully realizing their tech potential. We focused on such issues as software compatibility and teacher coaching during dropin visits at the school. We developed an end-of-year teacher questionnaire to assess benchmark technology capabilities and major areas of need and interest. This initial project culminated in a year-long ongoing professional development plan centered around technology integration in each of the Distinctive Schools campuses.